Friday, December 16, 2016

Welcome To My Class Blog

     Welcome to my blog,
This is my class blog. 
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This Blog is for my classes

About Makenna

       Hi, My name is Makenna Wilson. Here are the things about me. I like to play outside, I'm not so classy, I love video games, I like playing hockey, and basketball, and bother my brothers. I am very active when it come's to playing outside, or playing sports. You know like it helps keep me active and not so bored. My friends are: Malakai, Emma, Trinity, Heaven, Daykota, Catherine, Breanna, Teddy, Kamryn, Judith, Brielle, Bryant Joe, Marcus, William, Dawson, Kassi, Mya, Jazlyn, Hannah, Sayje, Keenan, Kaylean. My favorite pet's are a Bird, Dog, and a Turtle. I own Two Dogs there names are Simba, and Champion.